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craft-art.com Team

Behind craft-art.com is a team of creative minds, having expertise in different areas.


Rebecca Fleming

Rebecca Fleming

Rebecca is an art maniac since childhood. She started writing for craft-art.com 2 years ago and is also craft-art.com’s blog post editor.


Matthew Matthyssen

matthew matthyssen 

Matthew Matthysen is a multidisciplinary artist. He completed his fine art degree, majoring in History of Art and Contemporary Drawing Practice at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. The emphasis of Matthew’s practice was a research-based approach into the philosophical effects on the human experience of the macro and micro-universe.

Matthew creates the drawing and painting tutorials for craft-art.com


Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson works as a self-employed carpenter for over 15 years and is writing our articles about woodworking.