How High to Hang a Mirror

How High to Hang a Mirror – Our Top Mirror Installation Tips

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When moving house, the topic of conversation of how high to hang mirrors is often heard. Once the question is posed, it is usually followed by a heated debate, all stemming around mirrors. Next, the conversation of how high to hang a full-length mirror or how to hang a mirror over a couch is heard. Exactly how high to hang a mirror above a console table will also come into the discussion. It has been our experience that we have never heard sound resolutions to these very thoughtful questions. As we navigate through this article, let us put it to the test and see precisely what answers match up perfectly with the knowledgeable questions about mirrors.



Different Mirrors for Different Spaces

There are numerous shapes of mirrors when going to the shops to choose the best one for your home. Different shapes and sizes of mirrors can be purchased at any home decor store, and there is usually quite an array of mirrors to choose from. A personalized mirror can also be ordered to specific sizes and shapes, but other than the customized mirrors, the following shapes are what you would see on display with a view to purchasing.

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circle
  • Oval
  • Racetrack
  • Hexagon
  • Pentagon
  • Octagon

Mirror Shapes and Sizes

So, what is the correct hanging mirror height for your mirror? We have created a handy table to assist you with how high to hang a mirror according to where you plan to mount it.

Mirror PlacementHeight to Hang Mirror (Inches Above the Surface)Type/Shape of Mirror
Above console table4 – 8Round, square, hexagon, pentagon, octagon
Above dresser6 – 8Rectangle, square
Above couch6 – 8Racetrack, circle, octagon
Above sideboard4 – 6Oval, rectangle
Above nightstand4 – 6Rectangle
Full-length mirror57 – 65Rectangle


Purchasing the Mirror

Mirrors can be expensive, and choosing the exact location where you want to hang a mirror needs to be carefully considered. The following points should be noted before stepping into a shop to purchase a mirror:

  • Is the wall straight?
  • Is there enough height on the wall?
  • Is there a reflection of the sun on a wall?
  • Is the mirror going to be used as a functional mirror, or do you want it to reflect art?
  • Will the mirror catch the glare from a ceiling light?
  • Is there enough space on the wall for you to hang a mirror above a console table?
  • Is there enough space to hang a mirror over a dresser?
  • Is there enough space to hang a mirror over a couch?
  • Will a wall allow you to hang a full-length mirror?


The Massive Wall Mirror

A beautiful mirror should be treated as an investment. After looking at the hanging mirror height and noticing that the mirror is too big for you to hang on your own, getting expert help is advisable, especially when hanging floor-to-ceiling mirrors. These become investment pieces because they will add to the value of your property and are something that you should look into when upgrading your property without going through the hassle of building alterations having to be done. Huge mirrors can also be propped up on the floor where it leans against the wall.

The secret to that, though, is to ensure that there is very little foot traffic going past the mirror, as it may become damaged over time.

Decorating with Oversize Mirrors



Hanging Mirrors

Hanging mirrors in the home has a dual purpose. The first noticeable thing is to look at ourselves before going out, it is used to make a small space look more extensive, and it is also used to bring light into a home that does not have a lot of natural light coming in from the outside. The mirror size and the space in which you are going to hang a mirror are key. How high to hang mirrors is the next step we need to contemplate because if the mirror height in any room is unsuitable, the purpose of having mirrors in the home will be lost.

Choose Mirror Size Well

Once you have chosen the place where your mirror is to be hung, easy measuring steps done with cardboard and a pencil will work. Simply place a piece of cardboard that is more or less similar in size to the mirror that you want to purchase on the wall and outline the cardboard on the wall. Step back and look at whether the block you have drawn is in the center of the wall. If not, erase the outside lines and re-draw until you correct the centering.

The cardboard will help you to place your anchor points on the wall once you have the mirror. Once you have the outline of the mirror and it is entirely in the center of the wall, you need to find the center point of your lines by measuring from top to bottom. Draw a line that connects these points. We then need to determine the midpoint between the center line to the right of the mirror, and the centerline, to the left of the mirror. Draw these lines, which will then connect to the lines that you drew from the bop to the bottom. Once this is done, measure one-third down from the top line you drew and make a small mark. This will be where the nail or the mirror anchor will need to be hammered into the wall to hang the mirror.

Mark Mirror Height on Wall


Wall Anchors and Mounting Hooks

For mounting mirrors, it is recommended that the proper anchors are purchased, and for lighter mirrors, the correct mounting hooks are purchased. After your measurements have been noted and the markings have been made on a wall where the mirror is to hang, if you have a wall with wooden studs, simply drill two holes into the wall; we call these holes pilot holes which anchor into a point that you have marked on the wall. The mirrors can be hung with screws.

Tips for Hanging Mirrors

If you are going to mount a mirror on a wall that is made from concrete, you will need to use wall anchors or wall shields, and these will secure the screws into the wall. Drill your hole into the wall at the mark that you have made and then gently push the anchor into the hole and then screw the mounting screws into the wall.

After you have put the screws in, place a wire or rope onto the back of the mirror frame. The screws should extend no further than at least an eighth of an inch from the edge. 

How to Hang Large Mirrors


How High to Hang a Mirror Over Furniture

When we talk about how high to hang a mirror over a console table, how high to hang a mirror over a dresser, or even how to hang a mirror over a couch, there is a straightforward rule to follow. The rule of thumb is if there is too much space between the furniture piece and the bottom of the mirror, visually, there will be a disconnect.

To hang a mirror over a couch in the sitting room or a dresser in the bedroom, the process of measuring will be the same. If the sofa and dresser are less than 30 inches tall, the same approach when measuring the eye level mirror can be followed, which is 60 inches to 65 inches from the floor. 

Best Height for Dressing-Table Mirror

Mirrors hung in the dining room are usually placed above a sideboard or a serving table and will be suspended a little lower so that when your guests sit down, as the eye level changes, the mirror height will not be distorted. When looking at hanging a mirror above bigger or taller furniture such as a TV cabinet, the space between the bottom of the mirror and the very top of the mirror must be in the region of four inches to eight inches. You should always make sure that the mirror is at eye level.

Distance Between Mirror and Furniture

If a mirror is to be placed over a fireplace, it is advisable to leave a gap of at least four inches to eight inches from the top of the mantle to the bottom of the mirror but take into account the size of the mirror and the shape of the mirror. If you are in any doubt when hanging a mirror over furniture, rather hang it one or two inches lower.

Consider Mirror Shape and Height

When looking at how high to hang mirrors in the bedroom and, more specifically, above the bed, if you have a headboard, the mirror should be at least four to twelve inches above the headboard. If you do not have a headboard, then placing a mirror from at least 58 to 62 inches from the bed would do the trick.

Always remember that if a mirror is too high, it loses its purpose and will only reflect the ceiling, so your personal preference will also go a long way when determining how high to hang mirrors throughout the house.

Mirror Height Above Bed


How High to Hang a Full-Length Mirror

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a full-length mirror, careful consideration should be taken regarding mirror height. It can be a stunning addition to the home, and when a person walks past, ideally, the full length of the mirror should be at a height where the entire body is seeing. The general rule of how high to hang a full-length mirror will be about nine inches from the floor or just above the floorboard. Another great tip is when you decide on how high to hang a full-length mirror, make sure that you can see your shoes.

Vertical Mirror Height

There, unfortunately, is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to full-length mirrors because not every person has the same height, but the baseboard measurement should work for the average person who wants to look at their entire body without too much difficulty.

What we can add here is that when choosing a mirror, if your wall allows it, the bigger, the better. The size of a full-length mirror is considered to be 48 inches long, but some mirrors will be as high as 65 inches. Smaller mirrors are easily used as full-length mirrors just as long as the entire body can be seen once you stand in front of it. To see if a full-length mirror is the correct size for you, at least half of your body must be seen in the mirror when it hangs, so buy a mirror that is at least as long as half of your height. The average woman in America is about 64 inches, and the average height for men is 69 inches, and then considering shoe heights and hat heights, a full-length mirror should not be smaller than at least 35 inches.

Best Full Length Mirror Height

Determining whether you need a full-length mirror in your house is entirely up to you. Full-length mirrors do have dual purposes, so it may be something that you may want to purchase down the line. The full-length mirror is great to stand in front of to check that an outfit is fitting correctly before leaving the house, and it reflects more light into a room and also can make a small room seem more significant than it is.

It will undoubtedly add to the ambiance of a room and will not just be a functional piece of furniture in the home.

Decorative Full Length Mirror Height

Before buying a full-length mirror, there are a lot of things to consider, such as do you have the space for the mirror and will the wall be strong enough to hold a heavy mirror. Full-length mirrors can be hung anywhere as long as there is enough space, but if you do not have a wall that is big enough to hang a full-length mirror, you may even consider hanging a thinner full-length mirror on the inside of your closet door. These are especially useful for those who are renting apartments.


How to Hang a Full-Length Mirror

Before any holes are drilled, make sure that the wall where you want to place the mirror is big enough. Remember, there are no fixed rules about mirror height when hanging a full-length mirror, but you should be able to see your whole body when it is up. Make a line on the wall with a pencil which will indicate how high to hang a full-length mirror, and place the mirror against the wall to see if your complete reflection is visible.

Measure Mirror for Hanging

To hang a full-length mirror, you will either use nails or mirror anchors and if you prefer not to make holes in the wall, many products in the market can be used to secure the mirror to the wall, such as double-sided tape or strong glue made especially for this purpose. If using nails, use a level tool to make sure that your nails are perfectly straight, and if you are using another means to secure the mirror, drawing a straight line with a leveling tool will help you to get the mirror completely straight.

Hanging Full Length Mirrors

If you do not want to damage any walls with either nails or glue, there is also the option of purchasing a full-length mirror that is available on a mirror stand. These do, however, take up much more space as the stands are usually built in a tripod fashion, but it is a much easier alternative if you are worried about damaging your walls. Putting up a mirror is almost like putting a new fixture in the home, and once it is up, it should not be moved around too often, as both the mirror and the wall could become damaged.



The famous saying, “knowledge is power,” is very relevant in today’s article. Now with a little bit more insight into the world of how high to hang mirrors, moving house will be just a little easier. Mirror height and how high to hang a mirror over a dresser should be the minor things to think about when moving house. Rearranging your space or moving to a new home should be about creating new memories and looking forward to the new journey – discussions around hanging mirror heights should be the most irrelevant issue that arises. We hope that with this new knowledge in hand, you will be able to hang your mirrors with ease and with minimal issues!



Frequently Asked Questions


How High to Hang a Full-Length Mirror?

There are no hard and fast rules to how high to hang a full-length mirror. The basic rule of the hanging mirror height to follow is that the mirror should be placed on a wall so that the entire body can be seen when facing the mirror. People are not the same height, so your situation and your personal preference for how high to hang a full-length mirror should be a personal choice for the person who is going to look into the mirror.


What Is the Ideal Hanging Mirror Height?

The mirror height at eye level should be 60 inches to 65 inches from the floor. This will allow the mirror to reflect objects or beautiful artwork, or it will also be functional as a mirror to look into before leaving the house. A mirror’s height should never be too high so that it reflects the ceiling when hung.


How High to Hang a Mirror Above a Console Table?

A hanging mirror should be no more than 65 inches from the floor, and if you want to hang a mirror above a console, you may need to move the actual mirror up or down a few inches, as it depends on the size of the console that will determine where the mirror is placed. There should be a gap between the console and the bottom of the mirror of at least three to four inches so that the mirror then forms a cohesive background to the room and does not break the room up.


How High to Hang a Mirror Over a Dresser?

The best and ideal hanging height for a mirror to be placed over a dresser should be about four to six inches above the dresser. You should keep at least six inches between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the dresser. This will ensure that the mirror will make the room visually appealing.

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