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Unicorn Coloring Pages – The Best Unicorn Pictures to Color

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We have gathered up the best free unicorn coloring pages for kids and adults. You can select, download, and print these coloring templates for use at home. There is a large selection with different designs and levels of difficulty, which we have put together for you. Have fun!



What is a Unicorn?

The unicorn appears in many fantasy books. It is a magical being that represents good. It is often pursued by villains who want to use the magic powers of the unicorn for themselves.



Origins of the Unicorn

Today it is assumed that the unicorn can be traced back to the Bible. The Old Testament spoke of a strange animal called “Re’em”. When the Old Testament was to be translated from Hebrew into Greek, translators faced the problem of how to translate the name of this ominous beast.

They agreed on the term “monokeros”, which was then translated as “unicorn”. Thus began the triumphal march of this mythical creature.



Where Does the Unicorn Trend Come From?

Over recent years, a real unicorn trend has taken place. But where does this trend come from? One possible explanation is that it is a symbol of youth. Especially for female fans, it is a symbol of childhood: glittering, and with girlish colors. Unlike any other figure, the unicorn stands for the positive: the escape into a fabled world, far away from reality. Moreover, unicorns stand for freedom, pride, and invincibility. And who doesn’t want to have or be that?

Unicorns have a strong presence in books like Harry Potter novels, fantasy books, or cartoons like “The Last Unicorn”. This represents the generations that were born in the 1980s or 1990s and were strongly influenced by unicorns. The unicorn is not a short-lived trend, but it will continue to be a very popular theme over time.



Free Unicorn Coloring Pages From coloring.ws

coloring.ws is also a recommendable contact point for all kinds of painting templates. Nearly 25 printable unicorn coloring pages for kids are offered here. However, quality is not always the best. Nevertheless, this site is always worth checking out.

printable unicorn coloring pages

Free unicorn pictures to color  at coloring.ws



Free Unicorn Coloring Pages From Momjunction

Momjunction has an unbelievable amount of different themes and designs, including over 50 printable unicorn coloring pages for kids and adults to choose from. These offer a wide range of designs: from abstract unicorn interpretations, baby unicorns to the proud, majestic mythical creature, everything is available. All pictures are free of charge and you can use them for private use, print them out and color them as you like. Just search for coloring pages unicorn.

unicorn coloring sheets

Unicorn pictures to color at Momjunction



Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages From Supercoloring

Supercoloring is one of the best places to go for painting templates and free coloring pictures. Supercoloring also has a large selection for unicorn fans, as you can find almost 60 different unicorn coloring sheets there. A wide range of templates is also offered here: comic style, mixtures of animals with a unicorn, and more complex images. There is something for everyone here.

unicorn coloring pages

Coloring pictures of unicorns at Supercoloring



Free Unicorn Coloring Sheets

The site malvorlagengratis.net offers almost 30 coloring pictures of unicorns. Here too, the quality of the painting templates varies in some cases, but it is still worth a look, as some real gems are also offered.

printable unicorn coloring pages for kids

Unicorn coloring pages from free coloring templates



Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for School and Home

At the German site schule-und-familie.de you will find 16 really beautiful free unicorn coloring pages, which can also be printed in a larger format.

coloring pages unicorn

Unicorn pictures to color for school and home



Unicorn Painting Templates From thecolor.com

Thecolor.com offers a special feature: You can color in the unicorn coloring sheets directly on the website and then print them out. Of course, you can also download it first and then color it in after printing.

free unicorn coloring pages

Unicorn pictures to color from thecolor.com



Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

If you already have some practice with coloring, you will find more than 60 unicorn drawings on kinder-malvorlagen.com, of which a large number are very detailed and therefore challenging to color in. Some Zentangle designs are also offered here.

unicorn pictures to color

Unicorn coloring pictures for adults


Free unicorn coloring pages can offer loads of therapeutic fun for aspiring artists of all ages. With these printable designs, you can learn the process of coloring and drawing unicorns. Just search for coloring pages unicorn to discover loads of designs. This is a great way to get started in art, and it offers an excellent creative activity for kids.


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